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Street Numbers

Street numbers are NOT to be used for U.S. mail purposes with VUMC addresses serviced under zip code 37232. (To see which buildings fall under 37232, click here.) 

VUMC's addressing format is older than the USPS' current computerized address management system and we have discovered that the two cannot be made fully compatible.  By arrangement with the USPS, if no street address is present, the USPS system will scan only the 37232 zip and route the item to us.  However, if a street address is present, the system may try to match the address to another zip and it may be misrouted. 

However, the street number is appropriate for use in those buildings which receive service directly from the U.S. Postal Service.  In such cases, proper address formatting is to place the street address line DIRECTLY ABOVE the city/state/zip line.  Any other address information should appear above the street address line.

FOR NON-POSTAL PURPOSES - the street address may be needed in any building for use in directing deliveries by other carriers such as UPS or Federal Express.

For reference, the list of street addresses where major medical operations exist in the central campus area, and selected remote locations, appears below.  NOTE:  subsequent to the campus separation of early 2016, not all of these areas are actually served by the Medical Center Post Office (Station 17).  The SECOND list below shows buildings served by Station 17 for campus and/or US Mail.

100 Oaks 719 Thompson Lane
1207 17th Avenue Bldg. 1207 17th Ave. S.
Allen Building (VMG) 2120 Belcourt Avenue
Child Care Center (Medical) 2140 Belcourt Avenue
Children's Hospital & Doctors' Office Tower 2200 Children's Way
Children's Surgery and Clinics 2102 W Northfield Blvd., Murfreesboro
Clinic 1301 Medical Center Drive
Crystal Terrace 3319 West End Avenue
Clinic (TVC) Garage 1410 Medical Center Drive
Dayani Center 1500 Medical Center Drive
East (formerly Hospital) Garage 1210 Medical Center Drive
Eskind Biomedical Library 2209 Garland Avenue
Eye Building (VMG) 2141 Blakemore Avenue
Green Hills Office Building (GHOB) 3841 Green Hills Village Drive
Free Electron Laser Center (FEL) 410 24th Ave. S.
Frist Hall (Nursing School) 459 21st Ave. S.
Home Care Svcs. Bldg. 2120 Belcourt Avenue
Hospital (VUH & Critical Care Tower/CCT) 1211 Medical Center Drive
Hudson Building (Pt. Acct.) 2135 Blakemore Avenue
Langford Auditorium 2211 Garland Avenue
Learned Lab 1155 21st Ave. S.
Light Hall 2215 Garland Avenue
Medical Arts Building 1211 21st Ave. S.
Medical Center East (North & South towers) 1215 21st Ave. S.
Medical Center North 1161 21st Ave. S.
Medical Research Building III 465 21st Ave. S.
Medical Research Building IV (Light Hall) 2215-B Garland Ave.
Medical Research Building IV (Langford) 2213 Garland Avenue
Oxford House 1313 21st Ave. S.
Preston Research Bldg. [MRB II] 2220 Pierce Avenue
Procurement/Sourcing/Disbursements Mt. Juliet 60 Athletes Way
Psychiatric Hospital at Vanderbilt 1601 23rd Ave. S.
Robinson Research Bldg. [MRB I] 2200 Pierce Avenue
South (formerly Capers) Garage 1504 24th Ave. S.
Stallworth Child Care 200 Appleton Place
Stallworth Rehabilitation Hospital 2201 Children's Way
Vanderbilt Eye Institute (formerly South Garage Office Building) 2311 Pierce Ave.
Vanderbilt Bedford County Hospital 2835 Highway 231N,
Vanderbilt Tullahoma Harton Hospital 1801 North Jackson St., Tullahoma
Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital 1411 West Baddour Parkway, Lebanon
Village at Vanderbilt 1500 21st Ave. S.
West Garage 2400 Children's Way
Zerfoss Health Center 1210 Stevenson Ctr. Ln.

Building Street Zip Codes

Most U.S. Mail for VUMC moves through Station 17, the Medical Center Post Office. The Station 17 assigned zip code is 37232, and campus zip codes are added to the end of this to form the complete 9-digit U.S. mail zip. The Post Office's campus zip is (2635), for instance, so our complete U.S. zip is 37232-2635.

However, this is not true for buildings which are separate from the main complex. Departments in these buildings receive their U.S. mail directly from one of the U.S. Post Office stations in Vanderbilt area. Such areas fall under the U.S. zip code assigned to the street address where they are located. (To see the list of street addresses, click here.)

Departments in these facilities use their campus zip codes ONLY for campus mail. They must use the street zip code for U.S. mail and cannot use the campus zip along with it.

(Note that this group includes installations outside the campus area such as Franklin and Brentwood.)

NOTE: The chart below became more complicated after the campus split in early 2016.  Campus mail service in some cases transferred between Station 17 (Medical) and Station B (University).  The list is arranged at top by USPS zip code, and below that each area is marked with [17] or [B] according to where its campus mail comes from.

VUMC Station 17
(CAN use campus zip
with U.S. zip)
Acklen Station
(CANNOT use campus zip
with U.S. zip)
Church St. Station
(CANNOT use campus zip
with U.S. zip)
Melrose Station
(CANNOT use campus zip
with U.S. zip)
Station B

(CANNOT use campus zip
with U.S. zip)
Green Hills Station
(CANNOT use campus zip
with U.S. zip)
Dayani Center [17]1207 17th Ave [B] 2525, 2611 & 3401
West End [17]
100 Oaks [17] School of Nursing (including Frist Hall) [B] Green Hills Office Building [17]
East (formerly Hospital) Garage [17] Belcourt &
Blakemore Ave.
Buildings [B]
Crystal Terrace, 3319 West End [17] Eskind Biomedical Library [B]
Light Hall [17] Medical Arts [17] 3322 West End [17] Medical Research Bldg. III [B]
Medical Center
(North & South towers)
Medical Center
Medical Research Building IV (both parts) [17] Village at
Oxford House
Preston Research
Building (MRB II
) [17]
Building (MRB I
) [17]
South (formerly Capers) Garage [17]
The Vanderbilt
Vanderbilt Eye Institute [17]
Hospital and Critical Care Tower
Vanderbilt Children's Hospital & Doctors' Office Tower [17]
Zerfoss Building [17]