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Sample of meter impressionThe VU meter mail system allows for the quick dispatch of outgoing mail without the purchase of stamps for each item. Mail is sent through one of the university's postage meters, which prints the needed postage (see sample
meter impression at right).

Note that meter mail complies with USPS package security guidelines, since the meter slip can be traced back to the meter that produced it.



Single pieces and very small groups of item may be brought to the window service for processing.  For this purpose, use the Station 17 meter slip, MC 4000, as shown below.


NOTE - New Process
100 OAKS

The Medical Center has recently begun handling its own meter mail; this process is no longer performed by the University.  During the changeover period, this is planned to be as seamless as possible for our customers, and any orders received with the University forms will still be processed.

Instead of going to the Station B web page for PDF meter forms, please use those from the links below.  You may then attach the forms and route your meter mail as usual.  As currently, please rubber-band or otherwise secure your meter slip securely to your mailing.

If there is any question as to where a mailing should go, the University's changeover to SkyVU has made it easy to tell.  If it needs to be charged to one of the long SkyVU strings, it goes to Station B.  If it has the traditional center# form (0-00-000-0000), it goes to Station 17 (Medical).

Charges will flow via a slightly different process; they will be batched for upload at the end of the month.  We recommend filing a copy of your form, which you can match to your pullsheet at the end of the month by the transaction date that will be listed with the charge.



Note that international packages and oversize letters will require a customs form.  You may complete this on the USPS page below, print it, and send it with your mail.

USPS Customs Form Page

100 OAKS

Complete the meter mail service form as shown below and bundle it with your meter mail, which will be picked up by the 100 Oaks carrier. 

The meter mail form may be ordered from our authorized print provider here. Click on the shopping cart to order, then choose "Medical Forms" from the menu, and order MC 4000, in packs of 50.

In order for the charge to be processed correctly and your mail to be sent without delay, there are three critical points that should be kept in mind when using this form:

  1. fill in your contact information at the top of the form completely--this is critical in order to receive your archive copy;
  2. fill in account and center number(s) completely;
  3. sign or get authorized signature in the "approved by" box.

(The budget/signature area is emphasized in red above.)

Because all of these points affect proper charging through the Vanderbilt accounting system, meter mail bearing a slip that is not correct in any of these respects may be returned unprocessed.

After your meter order is processed, you will receive an archive copy of your slip back by campus mail showing the charges made. Proper completion of your departmental contact information (marked in green on the small illustration above) is essential for this.

Please note regarding copies of these documents:

There is no copy of the meter slip for the OHO Mailroom to file. If you need a copy later for pullsheet reconciliation or other purposes, you will need to obtain one from the Department of Finance Archives. Contact them at 2-2381.  From your pullsheet, provide the journal entry id, the month of the journal entry, and the meter slip number.

Notes on Proper Parcel Preparation

This has become a very common concern over the past few years.  There are a number of USPS security rules that now exist regarding proper package mailing.  Our window staff will be happy to help you with these as needed. 

As a general guideline, keep in mind that there are two types of parcels that MUST be taken in by a window clerk.  Our carriers cannot bring them from the routes.  These are:

1.  Packages weighing over 13 oz.;

2.  ALL international packages.


A common problem is that parcels to be metered are received with shiny materials, either tape or plastic wrap, covering the upper right corner of the top, where by postal regulations we must put our meter mail impression. This prints out of our postage meter on gummed paper, which is moistened and placed on the item.

Unfortunately, the gummed paper sticks poorly to slick surfaces, and experience has shown that it can come off when the parcel is subsequently handled in the USPS mailstream. In such a case, it is commonly returned to the sender as postage-due mail.

Careful attention to proper wrapping helps ensure that your parcel will be delivered promptly and accurately.